Manufacturer of industrial pipes and profiles from various types of cold rolled, galvanized and aluminized coils

Our Products

Cold rolled steel tubes & profiles

For automotive industry and related parts, manufacturers of Bicycle and Motorcycle, Office furniture, Industrial machineries, Radiators and towel dryers and etc.

Galvanized tubes & profiles

Made from galvanized coils for Green houses, poultry machineries, Conduit tubes and etc.

Aluminized tubes

For exhaust system of passenger cars, Buses and heavy trucks, Gas stoves, ceiling heaters and etc.


Manufacturing any kind of new sections acc. to customer’s request

Tolerance on OD +/- 0.1 mm

Removing inside welding seam acc. to customer’s request.

Surface smoothness of our galvanized tubes are 5 times more than water pipes and hot dipped galvanized hot rolled tubes.

Instant quality control and 100% Eddy Current test

Delivery in long lengths up to 13 meters acc. to customer’s choice

Printing customer’s name and brand on coated products.

Presenting Certificate and guarantee for Green house tubes and profiles

Guarantee of salt spray test for Green house tubes and profiles up to 300 hours.